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Flexible IT Support

Why should you look for flexibility when choosing an IT provider? 

Do you value flexibility? 

Every company is different so here at PuzzleTech we tailor to your needs and how you work, not the other way around. Traditional IT investment offers little in the way of flexibility but we tailor our service based on what your company needs.  

We allow you to focus on your business whilst we secure your systems, devices and network with minimal distraction to your workforce.  

How are we flexible?  

We tailor our service around client’s needs and are always available for telephone, remote and on-site support. We understand that some of our solutions may not be specific or even relevant to your organisation, so there is no need for you to pay for them.  

Forcing a rigid approach to IT onto all our customers is not exactly a recipe for success. At Antechs we accommodate to your bespoke requirements. This flexible approach creates an affordable and relevant service which allows you to make the most out of your IT.  

We also allow you to focus on your business whilst we secure your systems, devices and network, so there is minimal distraction to your workforce and downtime for your company.  

Scaling up or down  

Most companies are not in the same position, so offering a package deal, like some of our competition do is not an accurate or even relevant way of appealing to customers. We believe in our customers picking what they need from our service and scaling up accordingly.  

We have found that this approach tends to be specifically impactful for start-ups and fast-growing companies.  

Cost effective  

You can pick and choose which solutions and services that suit your company and needs the most. This means you will never have to pay for something irrelevant making our managed service extremely cost effective. It is also a on a monthly subscription license with no added fees. This also allows your IT infrastructure to be completely secure without breaking the bank. 

A final thought 

With the ever-competitive business world, the last thing you need to worry about is data security and paying for IT services you don’t need. Our flexibility provides your company with the ideal solutions at the right price point. 

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