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What are 5 benefits of using The Cloud through Microsoft Office 365?

Have you upgraded to Office 365?

You may have already heard about what Microsoft Office 365 and the cloud. But why switch or upgrade to Office 365 and what exactly is so important about the cloud? Firstly, Office 365 is a package of different programs and cloud services that Microsoft has put together to make the running of your business easier and more convenient.

Without the need for costly IT infrastructure or software licenses, you can benefit from enterprise-grade tools for communication, file storage & collaboration, accessed anywhere; all within a flexible monthly fee, per user.

Office 365 is run through the cloud, which is often referred to as “one giant computing resource”. Many platforms we use day to day operate from the cloud, such as social media channels, internet banking and Dropbox – accessible over the internet, on an array of servers in multiple data centres spread across the globe that are sharing resources with each other.

Unlike many cloud operators, Microsoft take security very seriously. Users of Office 365 benefit from peace of mind that their data, despite being hosted on the cloud, never leaves their UK data centres & always remains the legal property of the end-user client.

What are the benefits of Office 365?

Now that we have covered what Office 365 and what the cloud is, what are the benefits of using them for your company:

  1. You reduce the risk of the IT environment – Meaning that your email & data are not penned-in operating only from a single onsite server at your office, but from a highly-available server farm. This eliminates the risk & cost of suffering from downtime.
  2. It’s a cheaper option – The cloud allows you to get rid of locally hosted servers, licensing issues and the constant upgrade fees. Gone are the days of large capital expenditure projects – switch your IT spend to manageable operational fees that are flexible around your business as it changes.
  3. No clunky remote access – Unlike traditional methods of accessing your data & systems remotely; you are able to easily access services from anywhere. Office 365 operates via a number of web-based services, in addition to locally installed software that live-syncs across the cloud.
  4. Your favourite Microsoft Office apps where you need them – Whether you’re in your office, at home or on the go, you can always access Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and Word across any device.
  5. A recurring monthly cost – No lump payment or upfront fees. Users can be added or removed as your business grows & changes.


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