Cyber Security

Why do start-ups need to take cyber security seriously?

Don’t let security be forgotten about, invest in cyber defences!

Starting and growing a business in this economy is no mean feat as the harsh business world eats up 9 out of every 10 startups, 50% of them failing in the first year. With all the financial stress, growth strategies and logistics that comes with creating and maintaining a business, it can be easy to forget about cyber security.

This would be a mistake, however as startups are particularly vulnerable to cyber-attacks; most are focused on bringing new products or services to market and therefore do not have the time or resources to dedicate to security.


Why invest in preventing cyber-attacks?

Whilst large and well-established companies have the budget to invest in top-tier security defenses to keep the hackers out; small businesses do not budget for it at all. Cyber criminals will target those most vulnerable, with no consideration for those businesses becoming their victims. Everyone is a potential target; any and every industry, taking valuable customer information to hold your business at ransom or worse, commit a fraud offence.


The solution

Luckily for you, there are ways that you can keep the cyber hackers at bay that don’t cost the earth. Focusing on prevention, start small and scale up. Protect yourself with best-practice, such as instituting a strict password and lock-screen policies throughout your business. Then build-out with cost effective firewall & intrusion prevention systems as your company grows.


A final thought

Starting & growing a business is hard enough as it is; you don’t need the added hassle and problems of trying to deal with a cyber-attack. Here at Antechs, we believe that prevention is key. We understand the needs of small business & can tailor the right security advice & solutions to keep your valuable data safe. Contact us to find out more about cyber security and how we can help you.

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