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Cool Windows 11 Features To Make You Love This OS

Cool Windows 11 Features that make Windows fun again…

Almost a year ago, Microsoft released the Windows 11 operating system (OS). It garnered positive feedback for being reliable and user-friendly. The System doesn’t significantly alter the Windows 10 user interface. However, compared to the previous environment, it does offer several improvements.

Yet, despite numerous upgrades and a free upgrade for Windows 10 customers, uptake is still slow. The majority of Windows PCs as of November 2022 are still running Windows 10. Its usage share is 69.75 per cent, compared to Windows 11’s 16.13 per cent.

The older System is being gradually adopted by users. So it makes sense that some people would prefer to wait and see. They want to be certain that the update is worthwhile. Nobody wants to have to learn how to use their computer desktop again, either.

The good news is that Windows 11’s workspace feels identical to that of its forerunner. But it offers many fantastic productivity and security advantages that Windows 10 does not.

Here are a few of the coolest Windows 11 features of the most recent version of Windows. After having a look, you could decide to dive right into the world of Windows 11.

Snappy Layout

snap layouts windows 11

The majority of people use multiple apps at once when they are working. When working side by side, it’s common to need to refer to two different windows. It can be irritating to continually switch between different apps. It takes a lot of time.

Most app users, or 68%, claim that switching between apps costs them at least 30 minutes every day. It can be challenging to size two windows that are close to one another. If you don’t resize, you either lose the scroll bar or can’t access the menu items.

here come snap layouts. The multi-app issue is fixed by this clever feature in Windows 11. To access a snap layout, simply hover your cursor over the maximise symbol at the top of any window.

The active app will snap into place in the region you specify, allowing you to select additional apps for the other slots.

Master Search

Need to locate a file, webpage, picture, or application quickly? Use the master search in Windows 11. Simply click the desktop search icon. A search box will appear with the results of the entered keyword.

Microsoft adds amusing themes to the search bar every day as an extra touch. Find out more about Coffee Day, the James Webb Space Telescope, and other interesting topics.

Master Search - Windows

Master Search – Windows

You can narrow down your search after entering your term. You should refine it based on the kind of search result you want. (Apps, papers, the web, etc.)

Keyword search

Video Editor Clipchamp

Microsoft gave customers a free video editor as part of the most recent Windows 11 release. The brand-new Clipchamp app makes video editing simple. No other software has to be downloaded.

Windows 11 features - Microsoft clipchamp

Several of the capabilities you’d anticipate costing money are present in Clipchamp. They consist of green screen, video scaling, templates, effects, and more. this finally gives Microsoft an app that’s compatible with Apple’s iMovie. For more information on ClipChamp see Here

Video, audio, and text messaging in Microsoft Teams

Since the outbreak, video calls have become the norm. Yet, not every video software is user-friendly. Most of us have had to wait for someone who was running into app-related issues and arrived late for a call.

Microsoft Teams is preloaded in Windows 11. You get an easy click-to-call experience because of this. Anyone can be invited to a video or audio call with ease. The person can connect with you without having a Microsoft account. Both parties benefit from its being simple.

The Teams app in this OS also has the fantastic feature of SMS messaging support. Just send a text from your PC to someone instead of having to get out your phone.

Facilities for Access

The accessibility features in Windows 11 are excellent. These are made to assist guarantee that everyone can use their computer however they like. These features are accessible to people with impairments. Including some who appreciate the added flexibility they provide.

The OS’s four newest accessibility features are as follows:

  • entire system live captions
  • Focus meetings
  • access to voice
  • Collections in Microsoft Edge’s built-in screen reader Narrator, which has more realistic voices

The default browser for Windows is Microsoft Edge. If you haven’t already tried it, you should. Particularly due to a function named “collections.”

You’ll adore this Edge feature if the mess that is your bookmarked favourites. You may access the collections panel by clicking the “+” button at the top of an Edge browser window. Add a collection topic and then click “Add Pages.”

A sample of what you’ve added is visible, and everything is well-organized. Collections are simple to use and erase once you’re done with them.

Defender SmartScreen from Microsoft

The top internet security risk is still phishing. It is employed to facilitate a variety of cyberattacks, including credential theft and ransomware. Many phishing emails direct recipients to dangerous websites. Frequently, you are unaware that you are on a malware-infected website until it is too late.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen is a feature of Windows 11. You can benefit from this app’s protection against risky phishing websites. The programme instantly compares URLs to a dynamic list of known phishing websites. It will let you know whether a website poses a risk.

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